Shoot, Shoot, Shoot, and that's all

User Rating: 6 | Resistance: Fall of Man PS3

I know Resistance is all about shooting alien enemies, but I find it so repetitive.

Grab your weapon, aim then hold trigger button. Run, hide, evade enemy bullets or lasers.

At first, I find it fun. Having gun battles with alien enemies. Exchanging bullets to each other. It's just like watching the film Battle of Los Angeles. Yeah, it's cool spraying bullets to enemies but can I do anything else aside from it? Melee enemies with rifle handle? Throw grenade? Aside from them, none. There isn't even dodge, tumble or roll movement, crouch and hide. Go finish the game by holding the R1 button.

I do not hate Resistance, I somehow liked it, but it got me bored. It's some of the games I just want to beat so I can tell I beat the game. Not a game I want to beat because I really wanted.