Aliens have come, and they're not lombaxes.

User Rating: 8 | Resistance: Fall of Man (Greatest Hits) PS3

(Single player, Hard)

A planet in the Milky Way galaxy is in dire need of saving but Ratchet & Clank are nowhere to be found, so it is up to Nathan Hale to defend Earth from the Chimeran hordes; however, he will have to do this without the help of sidekicks, witty comments, or a third-person perspective. Luckily, like Ratchet Nathan has a variety of incredibly efficient and destructive weapons at his hands.

/Review score is not determined by the addition of flaws and strengths/


  • MajorStory is told almost exclusively through black and white mini slideshows narrated by side character Captain Parker, and while they're not badly done fading in and out of them between levels without ever witnessing any of the dialogue or the events that progress the story prevent the player from feeling connected to the story. The few real cutscenes that appear are minuscule, mute, and insignificant.
  • MajorIs impossible to build any meaningful relationship or even opinion of any of the characters because they rarely speak.
  • ModerateMost checkpoints are ridiculously far apart, not just by physical distance but by the number and difficulty of enemies and or obstacles that you must face to move on; this cultivates many immensely frustrating moments where you have jumped through countless hoops to get to a checkpoint but a slight mistake lands you back at the beginning of a section you were lucky to get out of.
  • Moderate The scenery isn't anything you haven't seen before, not to say that he graphics aren't great, but the environments are generally dull and each level's surrounding and atmosphere aren't too much different then the last one you played (not to mention European 1940-50's cities have been done countless times, so to succeed in their presentation you have to do them exceptionally or different, Fall of Man did not do that).
  • Minor Produces infinitely more questions than answers, granted this adds an air of mystery to the game but Insomniac really should of revealed more things about the Chimera at some point of the plot.
  • MinorLarge difficulty spike on the last level, swarms of the strongest enemies but inadequate amounts of cover.
  • MinorThough this is purposefully a much darker and grittier game than Ratchet & Clank, it could have used some of Insomniacs legendary humor to lighten the mood occasionally without comprising the desperate tone.


  • MajorAn array of unique and remarkably powerful and useful weapons that allow many different exciting ways to play and are very gratifying to use.
  • Major Intriguing antagonists whose shrouded details are the driving force of the plot.
  • MajorMany diverse enemy classes that keep you on your toes.
  • MajorNear perfect difficulty balancing, allows frantic but not overly frustrating battles.
  • Major Extremely tight controls, controller mapping is highly efficient and convenient and this contributes to the game's natural feel and responsiveness.
  • Moderate Maps are not hampered by environment's banal look, and are quite varied in terms of structure forcing the player to adapt to each to survive.
  • ModerateVehicle sequences and large battles (particularly ones with many friendly AI) are typically quite fun and efficiently mix up the action.
  • Moderate Though I did not play it, Resistance features a sort of challenge mode that is akin to Ratchet & Clank in that it increases the difficulty and provides you with new weapons to conquer it; on a similar note the game also features skillpoints that unlock rewards (also like R&C) further increasing its replay value.

Insomiac is one of the best developers out there and I appreciate that they are giving us great original series to play, but in Resistance they tragically left out their some of their strengths (exceptional characters, story, and art style to name a few) and hindered the games quality. Resistance is a fantastic game and one of the best shooters out there, but is burdened by its story telling, scenery, and a few gameplay blemishes.