Single player rocks... Online rocks..... What's not to like about this game?

User Rating: 9.4 | Resistance: Fall of Man PS3
The single player is a blast the first time around. Between the unbelievable firefights between what seems like hundreds of men to the cold, dark, gut wrenching, creepy moments of solitary, this game is fun. Though after you’ve beaten the single player you won’t find much need to go back and play it again. That’s why theirs online. There are all the standards, death match, capture the flag and such. Not to mention the addictive 40-player muiltyplayer. With good player tracking, full microphone capability and great graphics, I can’t believe this is a launch title. I think R:FOM could hold itself up a year or two into the life of the PS3. The fact is that this game is fun!