Game is great!

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Graphics and controls are great, gameplay is good, and I've had no issues with online play.

This is definitely more than a Gamespot rating of 5.5... at least an 8 or more.

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I agree, I am currently playing this title and have no idea why the bad reviews.  It's a solid fps on the vita-it utilizes the touch screen well, has a neat story and addictive multiplayer.


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It gave me the answer to my suspicion of FPSs on the Vita- they are frickin awesome! It also reminded me of how good Resistance is too, they gave it a really good campaign in terms of gameplay as well as the story. And I'm not really one for FPS multiplayer, but this game pulls it off pretty well on a handheld and that's a huge task in itself so my hats off to Sony and Nihilstic for this one.

Overall, though, my favorite part of this game is DEFINITELY the campaign. I like it better than the console-version Resistance storylines lol.

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The singleplayer is decent and pretty fun. The MP on the other hand is a laggy and unbalanced piece of trash.
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I played a couple matches of multiplayer yesterday and it is pretty fun. The single player campaign is also fun and I like how the game utulips the touch screen. Definitely proves that fps works on the handheld so I expect a flood of them soon lol.