the single player is fun but frustrating at points but the multiplayer is where it shines.

User Rating: 9 | Resistance 2 PS3
The story is just a continuation of the first Resistance and sees you as Mr.Hale beating the stupid out of those pesky chimera. the overall story arc is interesting.....if you can actually pick it out. the boss fights are alot of fun since they go back to the good old times of caging you in an arena with the boss and letting you duke it out.
some parts are frustrating due to lack of information and on more than one occasion i had to look at the gamespot guide, which i shouldnt have to do on normal difficulty. other than that its a good fun playthrough.

amazing but what isnt now these days. though a thing to note is the detail that has been put into everything. even looking out into the distance, you can still pick out trees past a kilometer or so and the ships that float around are epically detailed.

it plays just like any other FPS but instead of going with the old "lets be innovative" (huh, famous last words) they just took the good parts and made a solid shooter. no halo-style tinker toys here, every gun sounds meaty and using the Wraith (big minigun with energy shield) for the first time actually made me go "holy s**t!" some of the newer weapons are useless like the bullseye MK2 which is just the same as the MK1 but has blue lights instead of red.

this is where it puts the effort in. for as long as ive known, one of the PS3's crippled legs was voice chat. you couldnt talk to a friend unless it was ingame chat or the dreaded PS3 menu chat.
resistance 2 heals this wound nicely with an proper from-menu party chat which actually works (a little buggy but the mechanics work) and this brought me endless joy since i could actually talk to my friends without having to play an online game.
the online itself is split into two parts, co-op and competitive.
the co-op is where you an 8 other players do missions that are completely different from the singleplayer campaign and the whole objective is to recover stuff called grey-tech which is used to out of the game to upgrade your classes. these classes are simple but work very effectively. there is the soldier who wields a Wraith and is the damage dealer, the medic who (very obviously) has a medic gun which can suck life from enemies and provide healing for the rest of the team and then there's the Spec Ops who deals with taking out high priority targets with high power weapons and also deals out the ammo.
the competitive multiplayer i did not have much luck with though as the first 5 matches i went into were complete frag-fests so i sticked to co-op. this might not be a view on the competitive as a whole, my experience was less than enjoyable.

this game is worth it for the co-op alone but a solid multiplayer and exciting singleplayer make this a game worthy to be on your shelf.