This is the best game ever made on the great wii zapper.

User Rating: 9 | Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles WII
The game overall is great, i really liked the idea about making a resident evil on the zapper so far, the game is good, they tell you the whole story about umbrella and resident evil they put characters from all the games in the series,starting from zero until the all new fall of umbrella in the facility
, the gamepaly is great the way the movie's were made were awesome, good graphic's, almost everything in the game is good, when i first saw it i thought the game was not that nice,but when i bought it and tried it i saw there was more to the game than just it's cover the way i played it,there was a lot of blood wich made me bloodthirsty for more,this game is a good game with good graphic's and a good way of playing,if any of you has not bought it yet you all should because you will like the game very much really im not lying.