The game is outstanding, best Resident Evil game the for nintendo wii by far, I can tell you, I'd buy a Wii just for it

User Rating: 10 | Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles WII
I have to say that this game is outstanding, I didn't expected that for a Resident Evil game for the Nintendo Wii, I mean Resident Evil 4 is for sure awesome as well, but for an Resident Evil game just for the Nintendo Wii, I can tell you for sure that Resident Evil - Umbrella Chronicles is the best by far, I haven't played the other game of the Chronicles Series, the Darkside Chronicles, but from what I saw, The Umbrella Chronicles still winning in my opinion. One of the good points of this game, is the playable characters, just to say some of them: Chris Redfield (!), Albert Wesker (!!!), Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, HUNK (yeah he's awesome). In other words, the game is very good, I'd by a Nintendo Wii, just for this game. I played it with a friend's wii and beat it, so I can tell for sure: This game is A+, buy it, play it, if you like Resident Evil games, you will like this one.