Solid Resident Evil title, railshooter lacks appeal and control!

User Rating: 8 | Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles WII
I am a huge fan of the Resident Evil series and have been playing them since I was young. The greatest game that I have ever played is by far Resident Evil 4. That game blew away anythign I have ever played with awesome control and movement around the entire screen and from one place to another. I was hoping this would be a great game just like RE4 but with better graphics, I was wrong.

I did not like the effects of the railshooter for this game at all. You have no control in where you are walking and you will start to turn a corner soo fast if you are not paying attention you will miss goodies, rewards, and other items that you have to click on during the game. I prefer how in RE4 you have full control of where you go and what you are doing. In this game you are controlled on where to go and have no control over going left or right and coming back to find something that you missed! So if you are low on ammo and need some and it's around the corner and you sneeze or yawn for 2 seconds and miss it... your screwed! You can't go back and get anything, which I absolutely hated about the game! I absolutely refused to use the Wiizapper for this game as it was impossible to use when zombies grab you and you have to shake wildly left and right to get them off of you, it was impossible to do with the clunky Wiizapper, so I held the nunchuck and wiimote the entire game and ditched the zapper.

The graphics were decent on this game and bring to life the greatness of zombies in RE games, the atmosphere are well done as well and attention to detail was made to the best you can get on the Wii system which lacks HD compatibility.

Many of the boss fights were just insanely hard and took a while to get past many of them while others were quite easy.

Overall the game had a great RE feel to it, and I love zombie games, but I hated the railshooter effect of this game as I like full control of my people and prefer 3rd person shooter games where I can see my character and control them in all directions.

I would recommend this to someone in the bargain bin or a rental only, it is not worth a purchase in my oppinion as single player gameplay was good enough for me in a few hours. The game can be beaten in about 8-10 hours and does not require any extra skill to do so, just beware of the railshooter aspect and some pretty hard ass boss fights along the way. Good thing the game is not rated E for everyone as I highly doubt a young kid would be able to actually beat many of the bosses in this game. If they toned down the boss fighting a bit the game may have been more enjoyable. But when a game is too hard to have fun when playing, it pisses me off to have to redo boss fight over and over and over again because the developers make it too hard. Tone it down and make it a 3rd person shooter next time and I'm all for it!

Can't wait for RE5 to come out, when it comes out...