This game is a poor contribution to the series.

User Rating: 4.5 | BioHazard: Gun Survivor (CapKore) PS
This game can be thought of as a waste of time, as a garbage of play without fun.
The simple fact of the poor quality graphics, repetitive mode of use of weapons, the disappointing action, lack of realism and pixels that are everywhere.
The only mildly redeeming is the environment in which the game develops, and freedom of movement, but the main flaw is its lack of consistency in overall quality, from poor quality graphics to the inability to catch the player and to play with pleasure .
When I played, I honestly do not reach the half hour of play, which made ​​me want to quit, I am interested in the opening minutes, but that interest is lost as the game progresses. The fact that zombies appear behind the player, and you can not see it, the terrible gameplay, is the most noticeable, especially when aiming a weapon.

In short, this game is an insult to the series, and that is very different from his successor. This game features reasonable defects are intensified even further when one moves.

(-) Bad:
- Individual body part hit detection is awful
- Can't save the game
- Lack of ammo and herbs
- Disastrous AI
- Camera doesn't help
- No melee attacks as a defence
- Poor graphics and frame rate
- No reload button in game

(+) Good:

- Scary game
- Several pathways and different encounters
- Voice acting is well done
- Variety of creepy enemies
- Interesting plot

Final Score: 4.5