Resident Evil Survivor for the PS1 and PC is a solid shooter. It's worth the RE name, but not worth a full buy.

User Rating: 6 | BioHazard: Gun Survivor (CapKore) PS
Resident Evil Survivor was the first Resident Evil game of the Survivor series, and the last Resident Evil game realesed for the Playstation. While it's a solid shooter, worth the RE name, it's not worth a full buy.


Rsident Evil Survivor takes place about couple of months after the events of Resident Evil 3 : Nemesis, and this time, the game is set on an island-town called Sheena Island.
You take role of a character who whoke up from a helicopter crash. He dosen't know his name, how he got here, why he got here, only a clue that his name is Vincent and a gun in his hand. Oh, and ofcource, what Resident Evil game is whithout zombies (exept for Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5).
Through-out the game, the character will be solving mysteries about his idenafication, about the dead rising from the graves, Umbrella Corporation and a way out of the island.
The story is good, but it has it's problems. It IS good, just not great. The reason is beacause the game plays like a non-canon sub-plot than a canonical Resident Evil game. A few characters from the previos games are mention, and that's it.
What keeps up the replayability is that you can take diffrent paths and make diffrent choices, wich acctually let you meet diffrent characters and witness diffrent plot twists. Thing is though, they don't affect the ending, and each time you complete the game, it's gonna be the same ending.
The game is up to 1-2 hours max... I'm serios.


This is where Resident Evil Survivor loses alot of points.
The design is terrible, enviorments terrible, character and enemy models terrible, and if come closer to any of that, the graphics seem to be even more terrible.
Enemies are ripped off from Resident Evil 2, even the Tirants. The only new enemy is the final boss.
The only thing that saves Resident Evil Survivor's graphics getting lower than a 5 from me, is the fact that this is a Playstation 1 game.


The gameplay is what makes me less mad about Resident Evil Survivor.
Resident Evil Survivor plays from a first person perspective, but don't expect it to look like any FPS for the Playstation.
There are 2 difficulty modes - Normal and Hard. There's nothing much diffrent in terms of difficultis between these modes. The only real diffrence is that the final boss is much more annoying on Hard Mode.
Most of the weapons you find are handguns. In the beginning of the game you basicly start off with a handgun wich randomly has unlimited ammo. You will fight through with a variety of handguns, a shotgun, a grenade launcher and... couple of other weapon in the game. What is good is that when you complete the game, you can start it off with all the weapons and ammo you found.
The gameplay isn't perfect. The save system is even more frustrating than in Dead Rising, beacause even though when you die, you can save all the weapons and ammo you found, there are no typewritters or anything else to save the progress. I guess Capcom thought that if the game can be completed in half-an-hour, you don't need a save system. I guess they didn't thought that if a Hunter stabs you in the head, there could be really frustrating concenquences.
The first person perspective is a pointless idea, since you can't look up and down when a crawling zombie on the ground is bitting your anckles.
The game also sufferse from a terribly scripted A.I. system, slow guns and inventory.
The gameplay of Resident Evil Survivor isn't anything inspired but not broken either.


Resident Evil Survivor can be REALLY frustrating at times. With almost no puzzles and primitive gameplay, the story might be the only thing making the players to hold the Playstation controller and play the game to the end.
The game is a 100% rent, beacause it can be beaten in 2 hours max.


STORY - 8 / 10.
GRAPHICS - 5 / 10.
GAMEPLAY - 6 / 10.
ENJOYMENT - 6 / 10.

OVERALL - 6.2 / 10 - Fair.