Resident Evil with a first-person view, slow guns, and horrible story. At least it ain't canon

User Rating: 4 | BioHazard: Gun Survivor (CapKore) PS
Resident Evil was riding on top of success, thanks to Resident Evil 2 & 3, and everyone knows that when a franchise is enjoying success, the milking begins. Resident Evil: Survivor was an attempt to mix Resident Evil with first-person shooters. It's a interesting combination to be honest, mixing survival horror with first person shooting, it means that all the fears and jump out moments can be enjoyed, like you were in the game yourself, but did Survivor do just that, or was it a horrible attempt?

You play as a man, who has amnesia (for the sake of the plot, let's not reveal his identity), after seemingly escaping from a helicopter crash, he finds a dead man with the dog tag "Ark Thompson," and also finding out, that the place he's on is infested with monsters, similar to the outbreak that happened in Raccoon City. The plot is actually lame and is practically unnecessary for the universe. Which is a shame, because the plot does have a intersting back story (especially for the head of the local Umbrella HQ) and the island itself has been mentioned before. It could be intersting, but the plot is short and lame.


As mentioned earlier, the game is a mix of Resident Evil and first person shooters, though it was advertised and such, it's really just Resident Evil with a first person view. The gameplay remains the same as the earlier games, your character still moves like a tank, you have to hold down R1 to shoot, so you can't shoot and move, and that's all you can do. You can't look up and down, you can't strafe, switch weapons on the fly and reloading is painfully slow. Turning around to face a enemy behind you is painfully slow, so you'll easily get attacked, and some enemies can even crawl so close to you, that you can't shoot them. Even worse is the weapons, you have a handgun that has unlimited ammo, but their so slow that it quickly becomes tiring. Granted you can collect other handguns that fire faster, but it still doesn't matter, because every gun shouldn't be slow in the first place! And why have 3 different versions of handgun to collect anyway? They might as well have put in a machine gun or a bow gun. Granted there is a shotgun, a magnum and a grenade launcher to collect too and of course the good ol' rocket launcher.

The game does have branching paths, a few times during the game, you have 3 paths you can through, however they all end up the same place. It may encourage replays, but the game is so short, only taking an hour or 2 (at max) to finish, and to make it worse, you can't save your progress, if you die, you can save and restart the game with all the items, weapons and files you got.


The game runs on a modified version of the Quake engine and it kinda shows, the background is in 3D now, which at least is a step above the other Resident Evil games, the environments are actually looking good if you ask me, though the blocky character models returns and for some reason the enemy design is ripped straight outta Resident Evil 2, so there ain't a lot of new enemy design to been seen, except for two new enemies, including a uglier version of the previous game's tyrants. The cut-scenes look weird, at least the character movement, it looks very, very weird, but at least the game doesn't load when switching camera.


Upon starting the game, it encourages you to play with headphones; they claim it'll help the atmosphere and the likes. However, it doesn't, a few wind blow sounds and weather ambience is the pretty much the only ambience you get. The voice acting is horrible, as with any other Resident Evil game and with that comes with a horrible script. At least the music sounds decent.


Resident Evil: Survivor could have been a good game, crossing survival horror with first person shooting is intersting, but the developers didn't do a good job obviously, all they did was develop a Resident Evil game like everyone else and decided it should have a first person view. It has a few good story elements, but that's all. Thankfully, the game ain't canon, so Resident Evil fans can thankfully avoid this game, and so should you.