CapCom dident even try thats sad

User Rating: 5 | BioHazard: Gun Survivor (CapKore) PS
This is game in Japan was released in the arcade and at the home game in PAL and Japan the home game came with a light gun.But we dident get it but either way its crap.Wast of my time even putting in the disk ro play uses resident evil 2 sound effects witch means they dident try.Graphics are horrible and could have been like resident evil 3.Ending is gay the only thing good about this game is the the Tyrant.Its still a game but no its just not enough.If you do some research capcom lost hope because of the sales but thanks to code veronica and zero and remake they were good.Its so bad that they had to end the ps1 resident evil games with a piece of garbage like this.maybey if they made after code veronica for the ps2 that would have been better.Just dont wast your time i got it because i am a resident evil fan and i need all of them but just rent it if you are that desprate to see what its like.