Well it's better than Gaiden, but...

User Rating: 5.3 | BioHazard: Gun Survivor (CapKore) PS
...It's a big waste of time! If you really want to play survivor games try
House Of The Dead or Resident Evil Dead Aim. I don't understand what was Capcom even thinking?
The controls are from hell, and they are real pain.
Graphics are simply horrible, it's like a full of blinking pixels.
Voice acting sounds like they just picked someone from the streets, especially Lily's voice. Oh my, she really has one of the worst voices I have ever heard, not to mention the voice acting. Almost same goes for the Lott's voice and acting. Well, the music was OK, somehow, but it saves the sounds from the horrible voice acting.
Well, you need to beat the game few times, if you want explore every room, unless you reset the game and try the other room. You get to select one of few routes, and you can't go in the other routes once you've decided which one of them you'll go. And if you beat the game with a good rank, you get a Rocket launcher. And in this game, it isn't even that fun to use it.
The only thing I liked in this game was the Tyrant.
Well, at least it's better than Gaiden.