User Rating: 1 | BioHazard: Gun Survivor (CapKore) PS

Capcom has seriously screwed up the Resident Evil series. Basically somebody crapped in jewel case and tried to pass it off as an RE game.

This game cameout in 2000, but you wouldn't know because of the god awful character models. To me Capcom seemed to recycle character models from previous RE games. The main character Ark look like a bad version of Leon from RE 2. First all you are treated to a rather **** cutscene, mind you it is not in FMV mode rather using the crappy graphics engine .

Sound is just a disaster. The music is recycled, the voice acting is recycled.

Overall it looks like Capcom just rushed the abomination out on to the shelves. Similar games that came out in 2000 from Capcom like Dino Crisis 2 looked and sounded better this looks like Alone in the Dark from 1992. Don't bother with this game, don't look at it, do not even touch it.