A waste of time, avoid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User Rating: 1.5 | Resident Evil Survivor 2 - Code: Veronica PS2
Resident Evil: Survivor didn't exactly get the best reviews and sales numbers, but based on that, they decided to make a sequel... well sort of... For some reason, Capcom decided to dumb it down to a arcade port..........

The story is actually the story of Code Veronica, dumbed down so much, that it's entirely lost. The game box says it stares Claire Redfield, as she's attempting to solve mysteries around Umbrella and claims that she's looking for her brother Chris, but that's all a illusion, from the real Code Veronica game, the real story is this: Your Claire Redfield, trapped on a island, she meets a survivor called Steve Burnside and together they have to get out. No emotions, nothing, it's so bad, it's non-existent


Yes, it's another first-person shooter, though it's improved. The Light gun has directional buttons, so you can use them to walk around it, much easier than having to hold down the trigger to walk and press the A & B button to walk left and right. You can also fire guns a lot faster, actually you can have machine guns, rocket launchers, shotguns and grenade launchers, so at least your weapons are improved. You can also strafe and switch weapons during the game. You also move a lot faster.

So, based on this, Survivor 2 must be a better game than Survivor right? Yep, but that doesn't mean much, you still can't look up and down, and enemies also tend to crawl really close to you, though when that happens, the camera switches to a small overhead view of your character, so you can see the enemy, but you can't shoot it, that's just great, what's the point of this anyway!?

The game is also boring as hell; you have to go through 5 levels, in each of them you have to find a key (which is marked on the map) and use it to unlock a door which leads to the boss. The bosses in this game are easy; I didn't have any problem killing them. The levels are of a decent size (each with doors with the usual door opening scene), but you have a time limit, when it runs out, Nemesis enters the game. Nemesis is invincible and kills in one hit. This is actually included, because originally, the game was an arcade game (Japan exclusive of course), so the time limit was added, so that people wouldn't stand at the game for too long. The time limit doesn't add anything intense or anything, mainly because it just makes the game harder when it reaches zero. I actually got happy everytime Nemesis entered the game, it meant that I had to hurry and it meant that I could end the game possibly soon. In the arcades, you won't be happy about it, mainly because if you die, you just wasted the coins; then again, if you played this at the arcades, you probably deserve to lose the coins in the first place.

Survivor took around 1-2 hours to finish, so I can happily report this: Survivor 2 only takes 30 mins to complete, so there Ya go, 30 mins of torture that you'll never get back. And if that's not torture enough for Ya, there's a dungeon mode where you can see how many you can kill, reach the boss, kill it and mission done and move on to the next, so it's boring like hell and it's even longer than the single player campaign...... makes you wish Nemesis appeared in this mode, at least he could kill Ya quick enough.

Also on a side note, if you think you want a friend to suffer through this with you, then you'll be out luck, because there's no two player mode, which is very odd, considering it's a arcade game, with two main characters.


Like the campaign, the graphics are ripped out of Code Veronica, so the game looks decent at least, though frame-rate issues exists and like the story, the graphics seem to be dumbed down a bit.


Lame sound effects, music is..... meh, it's a mix of new songs and some from Code Veronica. There's no voice acting either, so all the game's dialogue is handled by text. This doesn't make any sense whatsoever! Who came up with this!?


As I said earlier, the game is a bit better than Survivor, but that's gameplay wise, but that doesn't mean a lot. The game is boring, the story is non-existent, dispite the game trying to get one through, and it's so horrible you'll be waiting for Nemesis to come finish you off. Thankfully the game has never been released in America and you Americans better be happy for it! As for me though, I paid and played this game, so I really want Nemesis to finish me off.