"A disappointment for all the Resident Evil fans and a game that lack of entertainment..."

User Rating: 5 | Resident Evil Survivor 2 - Code: Veronica PS2
Truly Capcom, has no good experiences with first person games . The expectation of new horizons for this incredible saga, seemed possible when first Gun Survivor for PS was released, like a first attempt to diversify history, that unfortunately left many sad .

The new Resident Evil Survivor, takes the history from the Code Veronica, carrying the player throughout “simple scenes” infested of enemies, which depending on the difficulty will be increasing in force and number. History himself leaves much to be desired, bahhh! , it is the same situation with the difference that Steve survives and escapes with Claire. Mobility is horrible, which could be the main weakness, strafe and the turns are a headache, especially in times that you have to fight fast enemies like lizards and dogs.

The graphics are similar to the Code Verónica, but with slight deficiencies in frames, and music is boring.

The game is extremely short and like is previously mentioned, not even ending bonus make it worth to have the 100%.

At least, if you are FAN of Resident Evil, rent it before buying it, if you are not FAN, take this suggestion and don’t take this game as an example of this huge saga.