What the hell happened to this game?

User Rating: 4.7 | Resident Evil Survivor 2 - Code: Veronica PS2
Like seriously what happened to this game? What Capcom decided to be lazy or something? Just the beginning of the game was horrible, and i'm a resident evil fan so unfortunately i had to play this crap. And why did they give Steve such a girly voice? What was seriously up with that? Any ways the game was crap the graphics was crap...they weren't even graphics i don't know what the hell you call that um lets see oh yea i also hated the fact that you had to save bullets for Chris. I mean damn i needed more as Claire than he did. Claire is weak. Oh my gosh not only that but what was up with Alfred Ashford? At first i thought he was a hemaphrodite lol but yea the game was pathetic and worst of all the ending sucked.