Capcoms no good Resident Evil Survivor return.

User Rating: 3 | Resident Evil Survivor 2 - Code: Veronica PS2
Resident Evil Survivor on the Playstation 1 was more then terrible. Resident Evil + First Person View/Gameplay, diden´t quite work. Now Survivor returns in Survivor 2: Code Veroinca X. It takes place in the locations from the briilant Code Veroinca X from the Dreamcast, and Playstation 2. You follow Claire Redfield, and Steve Burnside, as they are trying to escape Rockford Island, and prison island, where the T-Virus has been relased. The story is very weak, and that is simply because they made Survivor 2 into a Acrade Game. Yep a Acrade Game. You start be selecting either Claire, or Steve, and then your on to the gameplay. As said before the game takes place at Rockford island from Code Veroinca X, which means you only see places you already have seen. How they are placed is a complete mess. They aren´t linked as in Code Veroinca X. You will go underground where you play as Steve, and after that sundelly appear in the place where you fight Alexia for the first time. Each character start with their default weapon. Claire has a handgun, while Steve has the 2 Gold Lugers, both weapons have unlimited ammo. You can find other weapons for them, which are placed all over the place. Each character has differnet weapons. Claire has a AK-47, and a Magnum, while Steve has 2 Uzis, and a Granade Launcher. Whats boring about the levels is that they are all about the same. You have to find a key, then use it at the door with the Biohazard symbol, and then fight the typchial end-of-level-boss. There are 5 levels total, which means 5 bosses. You also score points if you do good. You score points, when you kill an enemy, use a healing item whille you have full health, shooting crates, finding bonus items, completeing levels quick, only use your defaulf weapon through the entire level, and completing a level with out suffering damage. Each time you start a level, a timer starts, but when the timer runs out, you don´t die. Insted, a familer monster from Resident Evil 3 gets relased, namely Nemesis. He may be slow, but he can´t die, and has One Hit Kill, so he is much harder then in Resident Evil 3. When you complete the story mode, you can try Doungen Mode, where you select a Doungen, where you have to complete a mission. Here you can unlock secert characters, but you won´t unlock them all, since this mode is like the rest of the game, boring. The graphics are a bit nice, but looks pretty ugly, since the places has lost it´s chram, and the characters look lifeless. The sound is worse. The music is decent, but the effects sound awfull. And since theres no voice acting, the sound is thin. The game has no replay value at all, since it so boring. Overall, Resident Evil Survivor 2: Code Veroinca X is a very boring title, and aren´t worth either your time, or money. So go spend your money on something better, cause this is a completely boring game.