Resident Evil Revelations brings the dark tense atmosphere back to the series.

User Rating: 9 | Resident Evil: Revelations 3DS
In many peoples opinion Resident Evil 5 was a big dissapointment because it totally abandoned what made the series what it was plus having such huge expectations from number 4. Resident Evil Revelations has arrived and it keeps both old and new fans alike.


First of all you are sent to investigate a ship and the stuff that's been happening on it. Little do you know that a virus has been injected into loads of enemies and its your job to find it and stop it spreading.


For most of this game you play as Jill Valentine and her gameplay is basically a throwback to the old school RE titles with backtracking,puzzles and tense gameplay. You do play as other characters like Chris but there gameplay is more the RE5 type of gameplay. Though one major fault is that your AI partner can't die in this game and they have infinite ammo.

Resident Evil Revelations has puzzles that require the touch screen to move things for puzzles like the Screwdriver parts and also a new tool you get at the beginning is a scanner like Tool which let as you find hidden goodies and if you scan enough enemies you get health items.

You get weapons like Handguns,Shotguns,Rifles,Rocket Launchers,Magnum and a Machine Gun but you can only carry 3 of them. Also if you collect things called Custom Parts they can be used to upgrade you weapons stats. All items in you inventory seem to have a button you press to scroll to them which is a nice change.

Whilist it maybe on a handheld Resident Evil Revelations certainly packs some great bosses and some of the enemies can be tough as well. Also you might come across an old favorite enemy in this game that was in previous games.

Also once the game is done you can play a new mode Raid Mode which is where you can go around on any chapter with a friend and try to complete that chapter and purchase new stuff. Although it is best advised you start from chapter 1 and work you way upwards because it will take alot of ammunition to take out some enemies if your only on level 1 and your on about chapter 10. It can be extremely addictive. As well as that there is also another difficultly called Hell Difficulty thats unlocked when you beat the game. Thats basically the hardest difficulty setting.


The game is possibly the best thing on the system and is up tere possibly with RE5 in terms of presentation. Some of the character design is pretty good too. Although the voice acting is a bit iffy and some of the characters bar Jill and Chris are not that interesting really. When you get hit a few times the screen gets covered in blood meaning you have been hit a few times or are close to dying it really adds something extra to the game.


It is possibly an 8 to 10 hour game and that's not bad for a Resident Evil game on a handheld. Add to the extras modes and difficultly in this game you could be getting a good length of time out of this game.

Overall Opinion

An excellent entry into the series and a game that rally shows of the 3DS graphical power. A mix of and new and a pretty decent campaign it is a must buy fopr any 3DS owner. After the dissapointment of Resident Evil 5 this is a return to form and shows there is still alot of life left in this survival horror franchise.

Overall Score 9.0