The HD version of "Revelations" is good, but it's no classic.

User Rating: 7 | Resident Evil: Revelations X360

After the bloated mess of "Resident Evil 6", Capcom released "Revelations" exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. A prequel to Part 5 featuring an episodic narrative, it played like a throwback to the older games and was a major hit with critics. I didn't play that version, but I do own the upgraded HD port for the Xbox 360. Unfortunately, despite being better than RE 6, it's not exactly a classic. Repetitive enemy types, some unimaginative level design and a lack of scares keep it from being truly great. However, long time fans should find it be an enjoyable ride.

The biggest issue I have with "Revelations" is that it doesn't feel like it belongs on consoles. It was conceived as a mobile game and this is evident in the design. Some of the missions are very brief, the scanner you use in the game is gimmicky and the controls don't feel smooth on the Xbox controller. That being said, the graphics have been polished up and look good despite their lack of detail. The globetrotting story is told through multiple point-of-views and a series of flashbacks. It can be more complicated than it needs to be. Sadly, Capcom created the dorky Keith and Quint for this installment, which are quite honestly, the worst characters in RE history.

Along with the campaign, the game also includes "Raid", an arcade-like survival mode that supports two player cooperative play online. With more depth than "Mercenaries", it's a fun mode that includes plenty of unlockable characters, weapons and upgrades. As you level up your character and clear stages, you'll be able to play though more difficult maps. Players will probably spend more time with "Raid" than the campaign due to the replayability factor. Overall, "Resident Evil: Revelations" is more hit than miss. It'll appeal to those who loved the original "Resident Evil". I'd rate this HD port with a 7.5 out of 10