If the creators don't see what made this game better than the older ones (5,6), then they are blind.

User Rating: 9 | Resident Evil: Revelations PC

This Game is Awesome. It does everything right again and i hope from here on out, the Developer will know what recipes to give, to make this game a delicous soup instead of a disaster.

What they did Right!:
-Scenery: The Queen Zenobia and others remind me of the ship encountered in "Cold Fear".
-Tight Corridors: The hallways are scary as hell and it is easy to get jumpscares.
-Close/Fast Enemies: Because of the tight corridors and lots of doors, the enemies are relatively close to you and this adds up to the fear, and in those places where there is space(in the flashbacks), the enemies are fast like The Hunter amphibians.
-Plot: I have to give this game credit, not for an original or great plot, but for a much better plot than RE5 and RE6.

What they did Wrong!:
-The only thing bothering me is the Final Boss. Although cool, he is cut out from the Devil May Cry universe and nobody tells me otherwise. Besides that i kind of didn't feel i am at the end of the game when i was going for the final fight. The tension of the game was high but was not on a critical lvl when i was by the last fight, and i have to admitt i was kind of sad it was over.

Allround: I hope they will stick to the good things they made in this game and better up the things that were not that great. I love the series and was happy like a little kid after Revelations, that they finally got their act together. Great game reminding me of great times. But hey, this game was like Keith Ledger for the role of Joker. Everybody thouth it would be another disaster but it punched me in the face and i was lucky.