Resident Evil Revelations Xbox 360 review

User Rating: 7 | Resident Evil: Revelations X360

This game was originally launched in 2012 as a 3DS exclusive, the game has now been released on home consoles with a few extras. The console version includes additional content including a new enemy, extra difficulty mode and improvements to Raid mode; new weapons, skill sets and the opportunity to play as Hunk and other characters from the series, but apart from the above its offering essentially the same experience as the 3DS.

In raid mode players can play online in co op mode or alone in a single player, taking on hordes of enemies across a variety of missions levelling up characters and earning weapon upgrades. A few negative things about Raid mode is that enemies can be slow in spawning: after killing all enemies in your view it takes a while for more to appear before the player can continue, this can be frustrating because sometimes you need objects from the enemy, for example a key to continue on with the mission.

The campaign is a good size, with about 10hours of game-play (depending on the player) in your first play-through of the game.

They have included a scanner called Genesis, this helps to uncover additional resources by scanning areas and enemies. If you scan the area with the Genesis you have the chance to find ammo and a herb or a hand-print. This device is extremely useful when low on ammo and health. Newcomers to the resident evil series may find this helpful in collecting health and ammo as they are limited throughout the game, but returning fans may be put off by this and see it as taking away the original fear factors out of Resident evil.

After the player has completed the game there is the option to play it again with all the gear the player acquired in the first completion, which potentially could be a help for them and a good feature to the game, there is no co op in the campaign, which is not a bad thing because for online all the fun is in raid mode with friends and other players.

The plot is a prequel to RE5 (Resident Evil 5) with a story about an island utopia being destroyed during a B.O.W. (bio-organic weapon) terrorist attack. They give the player a good mix of each character but the main one is series regular Jill Valentine and a new character known as Parker Luciani.

The story is told from a number of character views all building to the main story where the player switches between characters throughout the game. I can see this annoying or putting people off because you get used to one character then it switches to another one, nevertheless I’d say that the game as a whole has been created to satisfy new and old fans.

Game-play for this game has been split into episodes, when players return to the game a preview video plays and shows what happened before the player left the game, which is a good feature because it reminds the player of what's happened.

Matchmaking in my opinion is one of the most frustrating things about the game, in raid mode matchmaking is very frustrating because by the time you have found a game to join it is more than likely to be already full or the player (host) kicks you out. Overall when players start the game on raid mode it can be a good positive experience and can be very addictive to some players because its gets harder as you progress though the stages, the stages are basically levels from the campaign. Overall its a good mode to get in to especially if you have friends to go on it with, there will be many of hours of play just in raid mode alone.

Resident Evil is known for its epic boss battles, but in Revelations there is not many bosses throughout the game. The final boss can seem a bit tricky at first but when you get to know how to beat him it's not so bad but still it could be a challenge especially for newcomers, the final boss takes some strategy to defeat but has a good overall experience.


Good campaign length.

Switch between characters.

Good graphics.

Able to play in HD.

Previous video when you return to game. (campaign)

Genesis scanner.

Classic Resident evil game-play.

Additional content for the console version.

Plenty of hours to keep players entertained.


Matchmaking slow.

Few bosses.

Enemies can take time to re-spawn (Raid Mode)

Scare factor.

Controls are occasionally slow and clumsy.

This review is based on the Xbox 360 version, I completed the campaign on normal difficulty it took me just over 10hours, after that I have now done the review but I didn’t start it until after I completed the game on normal difficulty first.

Overall this game is decent enough with the few new features it offers which has a good feel about it and plays well to suit old and new fans, a good survival horror including old and new features. Defiantly worth a play even if you don’t play resident evil games, good solid game and fun to play. The graphics were well-done and the colour scheme was pleasant.

Total hours spent on the game:

Campaign Mode: 19 hours

Raid Mode: 58 hours

Sub total : 77 hours