Why Is This Happening In Online Raid Mode ???

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Its just curiosity well maybe something more but i keep seeing people and at level 50 with pink name that means they have finished all stages with s rank when im joining with them to play bonus stage they are runing and hitting the false gold symbol at the start of the stage if anyone knows something on why they are doing this or if it means somehting or i dont know what else i would be thankful to hear it .

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Are you ready for the answer? They hit the false gold at the start to end the game thus resulting in a complete co op match. Basically people want to raise there total multiplayer co op games completed and get your street pass, people with progressive Missions such as T veronica will do this many times with different people to finish the mission quickly. I myself have seen someone with over 500 co op games complete which begs the question, how many of those games were played on the bonus ghost ship stage?