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I never played this on 3DS but i love all the Res Evil games , yes even Res Evil 6 but is it gonna be worth picking up on the 360? and do u all think the graphics will be good? Thanks My Gamertag is: o Horseflesh o if any1 wants to do some reisdent evil co-op

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I haven't played this on the 3Ds either, but I've been hearing a lot of good things about it. you can check the 3Ds reviews if you want.

As for the graphics, from what I've seen in trailers (which you can watch here or on YT), they're upgraded from the 3Ds version. not the best graphics ever, but they're fine. umm Jill's face is a bit messed up though lol


as for me, I am getting it for the PS3 and really looking forward to :)