Question about the solo/partner thing. Gonna determine if I buy or not.

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Is it a REQUIREMENT to have a partner with you in the solo campaign? AI or otherwise? I'm worried it's going to be like RE5 or 6. I prefer the solo RE4 mode. Even Ashley wasn't THAT big of a pain because she was only in short bursts.

I find RE games to be more tense when you are going it alone. If I constantly have an AI partner with me via requirement for story or something. I'm not getting this game. Wanted it for Survival horror. Not a Gears of War knock off.

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I played this on the kids 3ds, its actually a good game, I do recommend, but I do agree with you I like to go solo, resi 4 was good, but resi 5 the other character gets in the way lol.

I cant remember if its a big deal on revelations in all honesty, but this is a good game, and I do recommend.

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You do have a partner with you in solo play but there are alot of parts where you get seperated and you go alone. Also, the partner has unlimited ammo.

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Some times he follows you around, you dont have to worry about him though, like in resi 5 or 4 with Ashley and he is not always there, like in Resi 6. Overall a much better formula with less frustration and plenty of moments when you are all alone in the dark. Ussually, when you discover a new area, you scout ahead alone and your partner scouts another sector, just like they did in Resi 1 and when you have to leave it, your partner follows you on the run, or rarely leads the way, if you get lost.