Is the "High roller" even that bad?

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A load of people have said its rubbish but I would say its probably my most used weapon. Currently lvl 27 and have a High roller with speed shot. Playing as Jill for her Machine gun mastery (Mastery 3 if im not mistaken). Attached faster reload, faster firing, damage increase, auto fire (when you aim at an enemy it auto fires), increase load ammo. Only problem is the low amount of ammo it loads. Also am I the only 1 who doesnt like the pale rider? load ammo capacity is way too low. Prefer the Python with sonic assist, with increased load ammo, increased reload speed and increase damage mods... currently got 10 shots per round with it.
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funny u said that man cuz i thought i was the only one tht didnt like it until a recent high roller i picked up i ended putting piercing on it and it works wonders along with stopping power and damage,now that along with jessica is my fav weapons i just think you have to get one with additional stats(sonic assist is awesome)