Got the game yesterday, looking for Raid Mode partners.

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Ever since this downloaded yesterday from PSN with the PS+ discount I've been hooked! I'm already at level 12 after a steady 3hrs in Raid Mode, and getting Trinity Bonuses feels so damn rewarding. I've got a stockpile of Lv 3-12 weapons so far, and I main Jill because - well, it's JILL.

I was hoping to find a Raid Mode partner on these boards, as simply doing a player search turns out to be fruitless 90 percent of the time. If you're interested in S ranking, or Trinity Bonuses through the stages, then add my PSN: SpaceboundShady

Just let me know that's what you're adding me for, and for those interested here's when I'm free whenever I'm not in college:

Monday: 7pm - 10PM GMT

Tuesday: Whole day for GTA V sorry not sorry.

Wednesday: 8am - 4am GMT easily.

Thursday: 10am - 10PM GMT

Friday:  6pm - 6am GMT

Saturday: 6pm - 4am GMT

Sunday: Varies.