6.5 wahhhh

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I am not trying to flame gamespot or anybody but i almost didn't buy this game because of the low score.

But then again i enjoyed resident evil 6 even though it got a 6.5


If anyone is debating on getting it, if you have been wanting an oldschool resident evil vibe then get this. Disregard the score and you'll see it feels good to be playing RE again.

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I agree. My only complaint was the fact that in story, they give you a companion, but the gameplay is singleplayer outside of Raid mode
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It is a known fact for most of the ppl and should be for all by now, that G$ HATES Capcom, actually they have Bias against most of the Japanese based gaming companies and show their favor to the US and UK based game devs...
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It is a known fact ...InquisitorCrox

Those are weasel words to start an ironically bias-filled statement with, InquisitorCrox.

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union rings;p?