u simply have to take this game for what it is,,unfortunately,,Sad=)

User Rating: 6.5 | BioHazard Outbreak (PlayStation 2 the Best) PS2
lets me start off saying there are many good and nice ideas here,,

but half of them are unfortunately not executed particualy well nor too interesting since the game is kind off--too predictable,,

--the worst and almost the only worst is how the char moves in general,,they move like a mummy,,,i dont like the item switch since its now insaanely bad,,

but there are more things i dont like ,,for instance the camera is quite terrible,,and how quickly it can go before u get the t virus disease,,,,,and how badly slow u move then,,since it wast already freaking bad from the beggining (how u move ur char)

,,not only do u walk clumsy ur ai partner does that as well and it must a joke,,unfortuantely it is not,,,,,and online is there just that i never could play it,,but i do not ask why,,, its not good when the whole game ca nbe a zombie just like the zombie,,i dont get the point of this game,,was way too hard,,since what i just wrote above,, Ai terrible and also the items stoare system whih is a complete mess,,

the good things are : graphics,,colors,,,and very nice use cutscenes

dialogs ,,how raccoon city looks ,, the puzzles,,the in game action,,like a barrel blowing up , the many diff raccoon city escapers / survivors u can choose from,,from policeman to ....they all have theyr diff styles,,and practises and advanteges,,some run faster,,one has a lockpick,,some has an aid spray instead of pistol,,one can run faster that another,,one is better in medic and healing etc,,but this is only what they start with since they can pick it all up at some point later in the game,,, - The Enemies ;) ,,,,weapons are cool enough,,zombies look great enough and act,,, racoon city looks good, too good ;p ,,,

All in all ,,it ca nbe alot fun and also played,depending on if ur will to play this game after all stated above,,,but can also be to ohard and pretty dumb and clumsy and idiotic ,,it may turn u off pretty fast or it will not ;)

end of log;)