A decent game.

User Rating: 7.5 | BioHazard Outbreak (PlayStation 2 the Best) PS2
This game is a hard one I like it and then I hate it. This time I think ill start with the bad. The gameplay kinda sucks in this game the control mechanics aren't very good and the "Help" system is just horrible. The final boss is wearing a man thong it seems and kinda screws up any seriousness that that fight could have. The bosses in this game suck and are way to easy to beat. Now on to the good, This will seem like a hypocrite but some bosses were designed well and they looked good. Another thing that was good were the graphics of the characters and the backgrounds as well. I liked each character and they were all developed well. They even go as far as not liking other characters for various reasons and will not help them. The online aspect of this game was pretty fun and its unlockables make its replay value fairly high. Overall a decent game 7.5/10