There's no use denying the simple fact that this game is crap.

User Rating: 1 | BioHazard Outbreak (PlayStation 2 the Best) PS2
I don't mind a good game of Resident Evil, but when I first bought this game I had no idea just how much trouble it would give me.

Let's start from the beginning. There are zombies everywhere. There are some people who somehow managed to avoid the outbreak. Their goal? To somehow get out of whatever area they are in.

Herein lies the first problem. How to truly be immersed in a game that has five levels, totally unrelated to each other, with no apparent story of any kind, and the same old cliche scenario of "Start with nothing, pick up gun, fire gun, run."

The game does boast some interesting features ... but not enough to compensate for the list of problems longer than Gandalf's beard. Each area starts you off as whoever you picked from a line-up of eight characters, and gives you two others, controlled by the computer. Interestingly, the second analogue stick is used to shout out various instructions to these rather dimwitted teammates, such as "Help!" or "This way!" Unfortunately, when grave danger abounds, they tend to ignore you.

The graphics are tame. There really seems to be no improvement since Code Veronica, unless you count the multiple cut-scenes, which I do not. More often than not, these cut-scenes will become annoying when you realise they're unavoidable, can cost time, and take yonks to load. Load times are pretty atrocious all around - even something as simple as an area transition can send you to sleep.

You might gloss over the graphical flaws when you hear the instrumental score though, which is some of the finest orchestral and grandiose themes I've heard for a video game. The only gripe you may have here is the infernal tracks are not long enough to enjoy properly.

But most importantly, game-play - and it's the worst of the lot. The same clunky camera from Code Veronica makes a return, like a cheap movie sequel, it's as though the people at Capcom did not see it was problematic, and thought it did not need to be changed. They're wrong. While it was acceptable for Code VX, successive games such as Outbreak demand improvements, especially to game-play mechanics such as a spastic camera. There's nothing worse than running along, happily dodging zombies, only to have the camera change angles, and thus change the direction of where you are heading on-screen. Heaven forbid you need to turn a corner when this happens, because the game stores the previous directional settings until you move the control stick. Translation: you are now running towards the zombies embracing arms.

Back to the two useless teammates again. Why are they useless? They pick up all the useless items lying around. They never pick up weapons. They waste their ammo. If you have Yoko in your team, she'll run around like a three-year-old in a candy store. Only one of them will actually follow you around, the other ... hell, I don't know! They get in the way and just make a shameful mess of things. Perhaps there is a martyrdom code hidden somewhere in their programming.

And hey! A swag full of collectibles! Shame you have to play the levels umpteen times to amass a large pile of points big enough to unlock it all. Trying to get "no damage" and "no weapon" clear to speed things up a bit will have you tearing your hair out. Perhaps even your scalp. Even then, you'll be so sick of the levels you won't care about the new costumes or the Infinite Mode, because the collectibles are arranged in such a way as to force you to play as every character on each level.

Whichever way you look at it, Outbreak is a failure. The camera mechanics, load times, dated graphics ... there are better Resident Evil games out there, begging for play time. I suggest you hop to it and play one of those instead.