Tough as nails,and more frustrating than a toilet that wont flush

User Rating: 6 | BioHazard Outbreak (PlayStation 2 the Best) PS2
So you think you're a good gamer? Think you got some skill? I bet you've played some tough games, and I bet you've been playing for a long time. So you say you've mastered Resident Evil 1 2 and 3.Alright, well Mr. Hot shot, let's see you complete this game...

Resident Evil is a series that is notorious for challenging game play. Since its beginning it has kept gamers on the edge of there seat, keeping them wired, in a constant state of panic. I feel the series has gotten progressively less difficult, up until RE Code Veronica which seemed to up the challenge or at least equal that of the original.

Well let me tell you, this game is no walk in the park
(with zombies ) It's a walk through Hell! Actually it's more like a panic induced, adrenaline pumping run for your life through the pit of hell. Needless to say the game is Hard! really hard! I mean even on the Normal Difficulty, you will constantly be in fear of death. If this game doesn't cause you paranoia, then you're pretty much immune.

Ok so in order to explain what I mean let me give you an example. From the moment you begin the first stage,(yes the game is now divided into stages called scenarios) the game will begin its countdown to your demise. It's simply waiting to unleash hell upon you.
In a matter of 1-2 mins your ass had better get moving fast, unless you want to be eaten alive by highly aggressive zombies. Capcom has taken the liberty to increase the speed, AI ,and attacks of the zombies you used to know and love to kill. Now they have the ability to strike you as well as grab and bite. This is just the very tip of the iceberg in the long line of changes the series has undergone in Outbreak.

Although Capcom has made a strong attempt to enhance or upgrade the game play, this has ultimately made things much worse. Gone are the conventions of being able to save as long as you had an ink ribbon, the super convenience of the universal item box, and casually being able to look through your inventory regardless of the presence of an enemy. Resident Evil Outbreak takes all of those securities and rips them right out of your hands with no remorse.

The game is so intense and difficult its just plain cruel and grueling to trek through the latter stages. It will test your patience beyond belief. Every second of gameplay your life is tickining away, making the entire playthrough a stress related race agaisnt the clock. The game just barely manages to be beatable if you're a hardcore experienced gamer.

Besides the games overwhelming difficulty, there are many many complaint issues. For instance if you play single player, your AI partners will be chosen for you, and at times they are very much a burden instead of a support. These Computer controlled characters are of the poorest intelligence. They will annoy you, hinder you, confuse you, and cause all sorts of pain and frustrations as they attract enemies, scatter items, waste ammo, over use health, run off at random, refuse to obey orders etc etc...

If you think that's bad, baby you aint seen nothin yet.
The load times are Horrific, considering the number of doors you have to open from 1 second to the next about 50% of your game time will wasted on loading screens.

There are so many aspects of this game that contribute to its damnation, such as, mediocre to poor voice acting, uninspired story telling, boring pointless FMVs, delays when you bring up the map/inv menu, worthless items, broken auto aiming, respawning enemies.. The list is a mile long, and that's all just the offline mode. The game was designed to be played with others via Network, but I can only imagine how tragic must be.

The Boss battles, are few but epic none the less. Each one challenges you in a different way and proves to be
No pushover. Its not your typical run, shoot,heal,repeat. Some will have you guessing and others will show you no mercy. The Last Boss is your typical over the top, majorly cheap, unaviodable bastard.

The game does offer some nice detailed graphics, the best in the series on PS2 some good Sound FX, and the BG music isn't bad either.It includes some interesting level design, surprises, a few nostalgic moments, solid controls, and a lot of variety that you won't find in other RE games.

Overall if you can somehow manage to get passed the supreme difficulty you'll find a decent and tolerable game but, a complete waste of time compared to quality games. This has gotta be the Black sheep of the prestigious Resident Evil Family of games. Ok so it ain't the worst but don't ever consider it among the best, and guess what...They made a Sequel!