it has some highs and lows ,just too many lows :(

User Rating: 6.5 | Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City X360
ok i heard all the rumors ,about this game saw the review on gamespot being bad ,i ignored it all and bought this game off ebay for about $50 dollars , i was waiting all week for it to come in the mail,i thought im not gonna let a few negative reviews ruin this for me ,the trailers on you tube looked good ,right i told myself.
Was i wrong yes and no .
The game takes place during the first outbreak between resident evil 1&2
you play one of 4 characters you must extract the t virus and get rid of all eveidence,sounds cool right your the bad guys this time ,you see some familar characters on your journey leon.kennedy ,ada wong and others.
Now lets get the negatives out the way ,
The gunplay in this is annoying in most shooters a bullet to the head means your dead i dont care pistol machinegun .your dead ,but in this the A.I
are liek the T/1000 they can take bullets over and over again,so it kinda takes the fun out of spilling bullets into the enemies ,also there melee is a little frustrating you press the button and you start swinging like crazy but i didnt feel like i was actualy hitting them ,just felt flawed,
also the A.I the zombie look cool but repetive you see the same group of zombies over and over again the cop zombie is like in every section of the game , they could had more variety in the zombies ,then theres the covering system when your near a wall or car and you automatically hug it well sometimes you dont.thats just a pain .
then there be crates you find with special items likes guns you have to shoot them to unlock them ,which is a pain if you have half dozen zombies snapping at your ass , and ammo is bountiful either ,so make sure those hits count, and then theres your teamates they either die every five seconds or do nothing , which is a real pain aswell.
Ok thats what i found to be annoying in the game got that out of the way why stick around for more pain ,the only tthing hat saves this game is the co-op
if you can get 3 friends to join a campainge match or multiplayer it can be fun ,telling each other to go here and watch your back is fun ,and some of the multiplayer modes are good also like survivor mode which is good last for ten minutes and get all your teamates on the chopper ,i found enjoyable,also the xp you gain you get some pretty cool perks also and weapons . the game can be very dark in spots,the characters look ok not great there was better visuals in resident evil 5 i thought. but if you want some resident evil action til number 6 comes out then i suggest get it for hire ,or buy it cheap if capcom just did this game themselves we might of had a hit on our hands but they passed onto another company and thats why we have issues with this now .. the game is ok but not great which is a shame seeing that this series has had some of the greatest moments in game history and characters .this one wont stay long in my memory for too long ... now if it wasnt a resident evil game it could of gotten a higher rating but with this franchise we would all expected much more from this than just this a shooter with zombies it