Slow, boring and pointless.

User Rating: 4.5 | Resident Evil: Degeneration IOS
Back in May, I've surprisingly bought an iPhone 4. I never gave a damn about the iPad and usually I weren't much for the iPhones. But I needed a new phone, and an iPhone suddenly started being pretty attractive for me. Several months later, and I do not regret getting one. I love it! It's got great and fast internet browsers. It has some cool aps and it just makes life a bit easier. But of course, it's also got games, and while I didn't buy an iPhone for its games, it sure as hell isn't going to prevent me from seeing if it has anything worthwhile. Needless to say, Resident Evil: Degeneration was my very first iPhone game.

Resident Evil: Degeneration is based on the movie by the same name… or rather, some of it. It only takes place in the airport, neglecting both the huge Umbrella facility and the major plot threads. It's just Leon, who's exploring the airport trying to figure out where the zombies came from. Yea, the story isn't good at all… Or well, there's so little story, it's pointless.

The game plays out like an underwater paced version of Resident Evil 4, sticking close to the tank controls of the old-school kind. The game is controlled by making use of a virtual stick, just swipe your finger over it and that's all there is to it. While the controls are easy to get a grasp on, the game does suffer from the same problems the now elderly RE games suffers from. Moving around can is a pain, since you're expected to turn your character to a specific direction, before you can move. It slows down the game an awful lot. In fact, the game's running even slower than RE4 did… how the hell they managed to do that, I have no idea. This becomes a huge problem when you're fighting against anything else, other than zombies, and it won't just be dogs that'll be looking to turn you into the male equivalent of a Jill sandwich.

Combat also plays out like RE4. Again you get virtual buttons, and again it's easy to get used too. It's pretty easy to aim, and the game doesn't have any problems registering any hits. I've heard people complaining about collusion detection errors (supposedly bullets aren't always hitting the zombies, or something), but I never had any issues with that. However the combat also still suffers from the same old RE flaw that almost every RE game has: You can't move and aim/shoot at the same time. One tacked, but notable feature is the tilt function. It's for use when a zombie grabs you, or for reloading. It works pretty well actually, but it might as well have been left out, given there isn't any quick time events that makes use of the feature, at all.

Then of course there are quick time events, which are all simple and boring, especially compared to RE4. At least it's easy to see them coming, and failure just means you get sent back to the start of the QTE.

The game's biggest issue is just how repetitive it is. Sure once in a while you get to fight the Tyrant, but beyond that, you're always looking for keys or switches. There aren't any puzzles in the game whatsoever, and the lack of an entertaining or gripping story and tension, means you'll be hard pressed to find a reason to keep playing it. At least the game is pretty short, clocking it at around 3 hours. You unlock the standard Mercenaries mode, though it isn't as fun compared to its console brethren.


Graphics & Sound
The graphics are dull. The characters are passable, but animation has a robotic feeling to it, ironic giving you is essentially controlling human tanks. The environments are boring. It's just the same corridors recycled over and over again, with occasionally some luggage or stores. The music isn't particularly bad, but it's nothing worth paying attention about. There's no voice acting, which isn't a huge loss.


Well, I guess for my first iPhone game, I choose pretty poorly. Resident Evil Degeneration isn't a bad game by any means. Nor would I say it's a cash-in. But as it is, the game is pretty boring and relentlessly clunky and slow. It only costs around $5, but it's not worth it. There's far better games out there on the App store, so don't go splash your cash for this short and boring game. It doesn't add anything to the Resident Evil canon… In fact it does nothing new or interesting at all. It's just one giant waste of time.