The fear will never end.

User Rating: 8.3 | BioHazard: Code Veronica (Limited Edition) DC
One of the games that made me buy a Dreamcast. Resident Evil Code: Veronica is probably one of the best game to have reach Sega's console and while other Resident Evil games made names to other consoles, this version has an interesting side that really that will really get you interested.

The story of the game focuses on two characters. Claire and Chris Redfield who just a few months ago survive that hellish incident at Racoon City. Claire has been captured by Umbrella and has been taken to an island prison. The opening movie of the game is considered as one of the most exciting and superb opening intros ever. Anyway as Claire tries to escape from the island, she meets Steve Burnside who is apparently a prisoner on the island. I dont know what Capcom pulled on this one but he is a look a like of Leonardo DiCaprio. He maybe irritating sometimes but he will play also a vital role on the storyline. As you progress on you will also encounter the Ashfords, apparently they are the founder of Umbrella Inc. and they will try anything to dissposed Claire and Chris. The story gets even deeper as you play and you will also find lots of twist during the game. Gameplay is still traditional Resident Evil, you will most likely to encounter lots of zombies and other mutated creatures. Not to mention super, tough bosses waiting for you. Also Solving puzzles and looking for key items really enhance the gameplay.

The game presentation is just superb. The graphics are really well done and the power of the Dreamcast realy shows it. The first time i saw the graphics it really blew me off. I spent about 15 minutes just looking on the superb graphic design of the game. The characters too are almost realistic. The areas are huge and exploring them maybe confusing but that what Resident Evil games are about. The sound is very nice too. The musics and sound effects really gives the meaning to a true survival horror game.

The Dreamcast is dead now but Resident Evil Code: Veronica will be always alive. A Dreamcast owner should be proud to have this game and should not forget the true value of it. A game for hardcore survival horror fans and also for those who just looking for some thrill.