A done to wonder Resident Evil game that though good can't in no way to be considered the pinnacle of series

User Rating: 8 | Resident Evil Code: Veronica X PS2

When i played for first time this game i was enough impressed, graphics and sound really of first level since presentation to game itself, it was movie quality production. When i bought game i fast entered in possession of special DVD called Wesker's Report. This DVD, at the end. is far more impressive than game itself.
Game is your standard RE game, what heck?? No not really story part is enough gripping, you find yourself as Claire Redfield that, in search of her brother Chris somewhere in Europe, came trapped and transported in remote atlantic island, known as Rockfort. There you make knowledge of a forgiving guard but above all of a mad family devoured by power, the Ashford family. At this point, without to reveal anything, i can say frankly story is the point most important and involving this gam knows to offer to you.
I'm not exagerrating, you want to complete game only to see what will happen at the end, if a dramatic ending or well a good one whatever.
As i said before, nothing and nothing new has been really implemented in gameplay core, i can remember just a pair of things, dual wielding guns is nice seen you can hit at the same time two different enemies or concentrate fire on a single enemy for double effect. The second aspect interesting game takes place in two different settings, infact you are soon redeemed to Antarctica Facility Umbrella Base, that is enough refreshing. In second part of game you takes role of Chris that aware of Claire' s danger runs to her rescue. It is there he then meets his deadly enemy Wesker...
When you finish game, long game, really, you discover a extra game to play. it is how a FPS game though a bit lacklustreside. Well i read somewhere this game came realized outsource by a firm worked for Capcom in a moment in which Capcom self was working on the most innovative ever RE game, Resident Evil 3 Nemesis. Working teams, we see were strictly on contact, many elements as monsters link the two games, huge sand worm is infact present for two times each in both games, look.
This game however, though really good game to play, doesn't convince me at the same way as RE3 Nemesis. Infact i replayed NEmesis many times (maybe because short, but intense) while i just limited myself to finish Code Veronica X without replaying it a more time (maybe because slow and way long).