The essence of Resident Evil ! Good game, whorth the play

User Rating: 8.5 | Resident Evil Code: Veronica X PS2
Similar to oldest RE, Code Veronica is a nice action-terror game !

Code: Veronica is the first Resident Evil game in the main series to use 3D backgrounds instead of the traditional pre-rendered ones. Despite this, the camera does not follow the player around, but swings between semi-fixed angles and the skyboxes are pre-rendered. However, two weapons in the game can be fired from the character's point of view. First person view mode is also available in the game's unlockable Battle Game minigame.

Code: Veronica features two protagonists, Claire Redfield and her brother Chris. In Code: Veronica the player controls Claire for the first half of the game and Chris for the second half. All of Claire's weapons and items in the item box are available for Chris to pick up in his half of the game. In addition, a third character, Steve Burnside, is briefly playable during the game's first half and Claire herself is playable during a short portion of Chris' scenario.