Worst RE Title Ever! Not Even Close to What Fans Wanted.

User Rating: 1 | Resident Evil 7: biohazard PS4

If you were expecting an RE game using the fan favorite format from the past, you'll be sadly disappointed. Capcom promised a nsatalgic experience in the new RE title. It failed to deliver it. RE7 has literally no connection to RE titles in the past, in any way. There is nothing about the game that even resembles Resident Evil. There is no co-op play, no online modes, and forced first person. As if first person wasn't annoying enough in general, RE7's first person is disorienting and cheesy. It's almost like your character has had a few drinks. All you can see is your gun bobbing up and down and hand opening doors. No zombies. The story-line is confounded and hokie, with hokie boring puzzles, and hokie red-neck enemies. You spend the entire game in one location. The location is like being in a garbage dump which is nothing like the previous RE backdrops such as magnificent and interesting mansions. Capcom went with gross horror, so gore, muck and yuck and threw out the favored mysterious, fear based method of horror delivery from prior RE titles. While the graphics are good and some game play is "exciting" it still falls short of my expectations for an RE title. Frankly this game is a hybrid of Outlast and Silent Hill, but not in a good way. If I could have given it a negative 10 I would have. The only familiar thing in the game is the green herb which, even the green herb looked somehow wrong. If I were to score this game as a no named horror game I'd be inclined to give it 7 only because it had a flame thrower in it but I have to score this as a franchise title. This is the last RE title I will ever subject myself to, this is literally the death of Resident Evil.