I don't know what the Reviewer's problem is here....But this game is nowhere bad where this guy said it's going to be.

User Rating: 8 | Resident Evil 6 PS3
I mean sure, when it starts I'm all like why the controls feel so un-Resident evily....But search deep deep down....Did any of you expect the game to be true to its roots? of course not, RE5 was a financial success no matter how much people like me say that it was pure crap and wasn't resident evil at all...we spent hours upon hours taking joy in that sweet multi-player feature of the game.

The game to me seemed very fun, I had the game pre-ordered so I read the review before I got my hands on the game and I was mad! The review described the game as a total disaster and I was all like "WTF did I buy this game"!? but surprisingly the game is a hell lot better than what was said.

The melee Combat is fun, with some kick arse moves that Me and my girlfriend really enjoyed playing Co-op, the use of weapons is far better than RE5 since you can walk and shoot, the game speed seems logical( certainly not for an RE title but for any other shooter out there with similar game play ie: Dead Space 2)
Where I am now the story hasn't made much sense to me but I have been intrigued to know what has happened because of the characters I love so much....
Anyway, I'd be updating this as I go but until now the game has been a blast for me and there was not a moment when I said "This game is $hit"!