This game had the potential to be the best RE game since RE2 but it falls flat and feels like a kick in the balls.

User Rating: 6.5 | Resident Evil 6 PS3
i have been playing the resident evil games since the first one came out on the playstation. i own every single RE game and i had such high hopes for this game. i was hoping it would be better than RE5, but so far it is not. the game feels like a mix between Operation Raccoon City and Left 4 Dead. Both of those games are good games, in my opinion but the fact of the matter is that RE6 had the potential to be the best RE game since RE2. it has a great story but there is so much going on that it is too much to keep up with. the gameplay is decent. its nice to move and shoot at the same time, but even that doesn't save this game from being a big disappointment. while the voice acting and graphics are wonderful, the camera and inventory are a mess. i understand what Capcom was trying to do, but they have turned what they call resident evil into a modern warfare game with zombies. i know that things have to change and that is why RE4 and RE5 were different,but this game so far is just falling flat. i am a hardcore resident evil fan. while zombies are back in this game, it still doesn't quite feel like a resident evil game. hardcore resident evil fans will be severely upset. i am still playing it and making the best of it and hopefully Capcom either ends the series or learn from their mistakes and go back to the old roots of the true resident evil.