Should have been named Call of Duty: Zombie Edition

User Rating: 1 | Resident Evil 6 PS3
This is far from the Resident Evil formula I fell in love with. Horrible camera angles that are always changing unfavorably on you.... frustrating item management that seemed a chore and interupted gameplay... lack of any puzzles, which was one of my favorite aspects of Resident Evil.... and a very linear gameplay- just go forward and shoot everything.

As a installment of the Resident Evil series it fails to deliver. Compared to some older games the graphics are okay, but I found it difficult to make out- for some reason the game looked very monochrome, making everything seeming 2 dimensional which made depth perception hard to judge.

One of my least favorite aspects of the game where the quick time events. They seemed out of place and distracted from the game.

I feel Capcom has lost it's way with the legacy game that practically invented the Horror RPG genre. The game now belongs in the first person shooter category. It's a shame that such a groundbreaker and enjoyable game now just copies other more popular games (Call of Duty).