strays away from Resident Evil roots, which is very depressing to a hardcore fan, but that doesn't mean its a bad game.

User Rating: 7 | Resident Evil 6 X360
Is this game worthy of the title of Resident Evil? No, however it is a enjoyable game with a good story,terrific voice acting and a good soundtrack. I am very depressed with how this game strays from what made Resident Evil; Resident Evil, but i enjoyed the experience none the less.
My favorite part about the RE series is that it had challenging puzzles, and a superb soundtrack, and of course the scares, but this game had none of that other then the soundtrack. Slowly approaching a corner in fear of what may lurk around it, is no more, but the story is still great and its still fun. There are plenty of things to do in this game and I've put 24 hours in the game and i am only 9% complete. i have no intention of getting a 100% completion, but the fact that all the stuff is in the game is awesome. The new multi-player mode is a good concept, but being part of the horde its flawed and only entertaining for a little bit.
The four stories are all great and with each completed campaign, you get a better understanding of it all. The cut scenes are great and the combat is good. There is replay value for sure though i enjoyed replaying through 5 much more then i did in 6. Each campaign fits the characters personality and role in the resident evil series. Leon's campaign is the closet you get to the roots of the games and is the best campaign in the game, in my opinion.
The quick time events look good and are fine, they never really bugged me to much with the exception of climbing a rope in Leon's campaign, that part was ridiculous and took me literally 30 minutes to figure out, i don't know if anyone else had as much trouble as i did, but it sucked none the less and there are many cheap deaths in the game due to the quick time events.
Overall its not a true Resident Evil title , aside from the characters and story, you could watch game play and never guess its Resident Evil. i'm fine with changes to a game, as long as it doesn't take away from the roots of what made the series great...this game did that. I don't consider this a Resident Evil game, and was beyond depressed when you could run and shoot, because it took the challenge away from game, but its still a enjoyable game that fans should play. This game gets trashed by all critics, but its not that bad, its a good game. Will the next Resident Evil game be a true Resident Evil game? Hopefully, but in the meantime, this game still has some play throughs left in it.