An iconic franchise ruined by one game!

User Rating: 1 | Resident Evil 6 X360
I love Resident Evil, from the very first game, the storyline and scares sucked me in. Each game has improved with the times, and got even more scary and gripping. Resident Evil 4 was in my opinion the best game of the PS2 generation. Yes 5 may not have been as good, but with an ambitious turn, surely RE6 would mark a return to form?

How wrong I was! In fact this is one of the worst games I have ever played! And playing it made me feel as if Capcom had betrayed me! Gone are the scares, the amazing creatures, the gripping gameplay and encapsulating storylines, and in comes boredom, and a Gears Of War rip-off gameplay system! Add to that the fact that Leon and Chris have had every inch of personality drained from them, their accomplices; Helena and Piers are both boring characters. Add to the fact that Jake, the newcomer is an idiot and Sherry is just a carbon copy of Ashley from RE4 and you have potentially the worst set of characters of all time! And thats without the fact that Ada has been made into a rip-off of Catwoman!

The gameplay for all 3 characters is exactly the same, the only difference being the different case and menu designs for each character. Its essentially Gears Of War without the fun or excitement, and you can pretty much always predict whats coming next, and thats not more apparent than in Leon's last couple of chapters, when I successfully predicted every last little thing that would happen! The creature designs and bosses are downright awful, and in an attempt to get the game to appeal to a wide audience they decided to include "zombies with guns". This defeats the object of the whole franchise! I was disgusted at this! Resident Evil is survival horror! Zombies with guns isn't survival horror, its comedy! It was at this moment when I felt that Capcom had completely destroyed the whole franchise!

I could go on all night about how bad this game is, but I won't, all I can say is avoid this game like the plague, because you will feel a sense of dismay and disgust playing it! Anyone who plays this monstrosity should be entitled to a refund! Capcom has ruined this iconic franchise and betrayed it's fans!