Overly ambitious and tedious are the best words to describe this game.

User Rating: 5.5 | Resident Evil 6 PS3
Well,here it is folks,the latest Resident Evil game in the main franchise.After the disaster of Operation Racoon city,what does Resident Evil 6 has to offer? 4 Campaigns filled with non stop cutscenes and quick time events.

Now,I was and still am a big fan on RE games,since their inception,so I had high expectations for this game,I wanted it to be good,I wanted it to succeed.That said,I don't think it did,because RE 6 is NOT a good game.

First off,the game as I said earlier,offers 4 campaigns,which offers a hefty amount of time to complete all of them.They are intertwined with one another.That's a total of 7 lead characters.Some of which are familiar old faces,while others are entirely new to the plot,some being astonishingly boring and bland.
That is to say,the story,is just a convoluted mess,of your typical Resident Evil-fare you'll hear a lot of this throughout the game: "Bla bla bla virus this,bla bla bla bio weapons,bla bla terrorists" etc. There are some memorable moments here but ultimately it isn't all that original or new in the franchise,it's just bigger in scale.

As far as the presentation goes,the game looks great,particularly the models,the game offers a wide variety of environment and locations.Sometimes it's a bit too dark,but overall a great looking game.

But the gameplay compartment is where this game truly sucks the most.
You are constantly facing quick time events one after another,the guns in the game all feel the same,they COMPLETELY lack any substance to them.The old inventory system has been totally revamped meaning you can carry an entire arsenal of weapons.It should be noted that the running animation when holding down the button,looks completely awkward and the camera shakes constantly while doing so,really inconvenient.

While the environments certainly look great,they are of terrible design,you'll be wiggling the analog sticks constantly,while doing various tasks such as turning a seemingly endless stream cranks trying to pull bridges or gates down.As a matter of fact,I think I messed up my controller by the time I finished the game,because of so many button mashing prompts and analog wiggling maneuvers.

The partner AI is O.K for the most part but you'll still be waiting for an eternity until they arrive to go through a door or do a partner action in the heat of battle.

The boss battles for the most part,are just lame,filled with cutscenes that interrupt the gameplay all the time,which is to say,frustrating to no end.

Instead of a merchant you now get to spend "skill points" on various skills that basically act like perks,that's it.

The online experience is significantly better than RE 5,due to more options that you can set up before your session of play.

I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone who has doubts of getting it,I assume the hardcore fans like me already picked this up,but if you are hesitant to get this - don't.Not worth the money.