Resident Evil 6 is a shadow of its former self but still a fun experience that must be played by action aficionados.

User Rating: 7 | Resident Evil 6 PS3

First and foremost RE6 is a good game. Not great, actually FAR from it, but still quite enjoyable. Saying this, it still saddens me how one of my most beloved franchises turned in something like RE6. While playing it I could see lots of potential within its ideas. The real problem was how they were implemented. RE6 is no more a survival horror game that much is clear. There's no scarce ammo or life herbs that will deny this simple fact. Its a TPS with an abuse and misuse of QTE that only serve to hide a clear lack of ideas for a well implemented setpiece.

Graphically its slightly above average of what we have seen today. Good effects and dark environments help hidding some muddy textures but its a good looking game at times. The chinese city of Lanshiang, full of neon light, is a sight to behold. The rest is passable at best. This aspect is included in the bag of things where RE6 fails: design. Most environments, enemies, bosses, etc show a clear lack of imagination, something former RE games (mainly RE4) where good at. The only redeeming enemy was a beast that resembled Nemesis by how stubborn he could be to die. The gameplay is probably the most intuitive in the series but I didnt felt it suited the kind of game RE is, or rather used to be. Now what really, and I mean REALLY hurt the gameplay was the dumb abuse of QTE throughout the game, mechanic that could appear at the most unexpected of moments and kill you if you missed, something it isnt hard to do given the scant seconds it gives you to react in most cases. One scene in particular had me killed more than 10 times! over a ridiculously hard QTE that had me twirling the analogue ferociously, something that certainly isnt good for your controller.

Now lets talk about what RE6 did right: Story. NOT the story quality per se but rather storytelling. The way how the four different campaigns interconnect between them is something I've never seen within the medium. It was interesting to know that doing X in Leon's campaign was due to doing Y in Ada's. There were lots of examples of objectives that had you interacting with various others characters from diferent campaigns wich were very interesting to see.

RE6 is serviceable. It had a great lenght, spreading over 20h of gameplay with an intuitive gameplay. Its a shame it had to withdraw almost all of what made its predecessors classics among the industry. Even though I still had my fun with RE6, this is definitely not the road I want to see it take. Lets just hope RE7 embraces its former legacy once again...