An over-the-top sequel that will feel completely wrong to most RE fans.

User Rating: 6 | Resident Evil 6 X360
The most ambitious installment in the "Resident Evil" franchise proves to be a wrongheaded attempt to modernize the series. While it occassionally finds the right note, the bulk of the gameplay seems to borrow from every modern action game ever made. Since when did using a snowmobile to escape an avalanche become part of the "Resident Evil" experience? More importantly, why is such a long-winded sequence even in this game? With sequels, you'd expect some sort of change in direction. What you don't expect is games abandoning their core concepts in order to stay relevant. But that's just what "Resident Evil 6" is. It's statement of change, not an honest attempt to continue the legacy of a much beloved series. Despite this travesty, the makers have at least tried to make half of a good game. There are some moments that capture the classic feel of the series. But most of it just feels like a chore to play through.

Unlike 2012's other RE game, "Operation Raccoon City", there is a real story that is presented here. However, the gameplay can be just as unsatisfying. There are four campaigns that last about 10 hours each, but if you're a true fan, then you'll probably give up at the halfway mark. It be unfair to say the game is a total loss. As I stated before, RE 6 does deliver some standout moments. But most of the game does feel like a bargain-bin shooter. Despite this, some might find this over-the-top, action-heavy sequel to be a guilty pleasure. It's certainly packed with content, but purists will easily cry foul over this one. It's one of those love-it-or-hate-it games. I personally believe it could've been a lot better. Many of the levels in Chris' and Jake's scenarios (especially the latter) don't even belong in a RE game. For instance, there's a section in Jake's campaign when the game becomes a brawler. Really, Capcom? This isn't the "Resident Evil" game you'd come to expect. It's mostly a mixture of bad level design, boring, repetitive action and redundant quick-time events. However, the few classic RE moments do shine.

RE 6 's co-op and competitive modes are crap mainly because the gameplay itself can be boring. The Mercenaries mode is severely outdated. I would've preferred a more updated survival mode comparable to COD's zombies. Also, the impact of the four player campaign segments and competitive modes (you invade other player games as a zombie) can barely be felt, so they are ultimately worthless. I also didn't like the expanded melee combat which is pointless since RE games are essentially shooters. Additionally, Capcom didn't utitlize the upgrade system of previous games. So instead of powering up your guns, you are given an extensive list of different ways to customize your style of play. Again, the gameplay is so medicore, that I didn't really care to change up my abilities. One of RE 6's few positive factors are the visuals. At times, the in-game graphics resemble a CGI movie.

Overall, RE 6 will be seen as a miscalculation by most players. Some will be pleased with the epic scope, wealth of content and Leon's campaign. But the negatives certainly outweigh the positives. This is easily the most disappointing numbered entry in the series despite some bright spots.

Pros: Entertaining Leon campaign. Solid graphics. Plenty of content.

Cons: Gameplay is medicore despite some classic RE moments. Bad level design. Too much emphasis on QTEs. Pointless additions such as 4 player co-op and extended melee combat.