The good the bad the ugly and the strange

User Rating: 6 | Resident Evil 6 PC
To start with this is not really Resident Evil, rather it is an action shooter set in the Resident Evil world. It seems as if the makers were trying to appeal to too many different audiences which becomes problematic. The controls are similar to the last two RE games but seems less polished somehow. Frantic action will cause many control mis steps for the player and the enemies come at you from all directions so some players may experience headaches from all the spinning around. The graphics are pretty solid in most areas but some are littered with low resolution objects which take away from the detailed backgrounds at times. Game play is very solid but I would have appreciated more frequent ammo drops. This is primarily an action game and the action gets too frantic and worrying about conserving ammo all the time in a game like this is just not fun. There is a skill set system that allows you to purchase upgrades and slot 3 at a time. Unfortunately these enhancements are almost useless as they only cause slight improvements. Quick time events have returned for this installment but there are way too many now and some are so confusing that you will sometimes die needlessly after a good run which is frustrating. The story in this game is pretty crazy and way over the top in a Devil May Cry style and as in DMC there are many strange moments that seem unnecessary. For instance there is a part on the deck of an aircraft carrier and the object is to go from one end to the other only there are obsticles in the way in the form of overturned vehicles and containers. You have to provide cover fire for your partner who is placing explosives in 3 different spots to clear the path. Why cant the player just climb over the vehicles? Not a lot of thought went into that. There are many spots like that throughout the game that just seem like a desperate attempt to extend playability. Why do I have to run around an entire room because a chair is in my way? As far as scares go there aren't too many here. The first few hours of play provide you with somewhat of a classic RE feel but from then on its a war game. That's not what I was expecting but actually does make sense as a culmination of all the events of the other 5 games. At some point a military action against Umbrellas forces had to happen and this is it. With all that being said it's still a must play game to experience how the original story comes to a conclusion.