One of the games which split opinions..

User Rating: 10 | Resident Evil 6 PC

Really cant understand what is the problem with some gamers, of course i understand that some like chocolate and some toffee. If i had purchased games only based mainstream reviews there would be many good games which i had missed, and RE6 is one of them. i played pc version 150 hours already and still not completed and not get bored, it is RE game which should have been done so long ago already.

About RE6 having not horror, well resident evil 1-5 games are good but i never find them really scary, if i want real scary horror game it is Silent Hill serie. Graphics does improve in games why controls also not allowed to? Tank controls has their own charm maybe but it is past now.

I understand that this is so different from early RE games and definately not easiest to maintain, but after got used to it it is really good game. But i never recommed playing with Keyboard and mouse it ruins this game totally.

+Story is enough good to play all characters storylines.

+Controls are very good whith controller (XBOX360 Controller is best).

+Nice movie like action trought the game and different styles to play, different game modes.

+Graphics , look nice even on PS3 720p, Music is not so bad but not mindblowing.

+Good opotions on PC version , can adjust FOV, camera angle.

- Some maybe dont understand that this is not only shooting game, must also use melee attacks especially harder difficulty.

-QTES? i didint find any issues whith these..