It's enjoyable but it's no longer Resident Evil

User Rating: 6 | Resident Evil 6 XONE

Really good voice acting with a sound track that really suits the game well. Really helps add to the suspense and that's a rare thing for a sound track.

Despite a fair share of noticeable bugs, The game looks quite good with plenty of action packed scenes to high light it.

Game Play:
You can actually move while shooting. There's a lot more focus on the melee aspect of things, Which is good, and the moves are so over the top that it's freaking hilarious to do. The heavy focus on the melee aspect has pretty much eliminated use of the knife, Which I have yet to use in this game. Dodging requires more luck than anything and needs a ton of work as it's almost impossible to dodge anything in this game.

It's cool to play as several different characters, Each with their own mini-interconnecting campaign. The campaign is pretty lengthy and takes about 30 hours to beat. Needless collectibles. Not as many weapons as previous games. Skill points is kind of weird, I wish they'd just use a money based level up system again. They've eliminated having to buy anything, Weapons appear as drops and that sucks as saying money and buying key weapons/items has been a staple of the Resident Evil series. There's no strategy any more going into these boss fights, No more weak points or anything, Just shoot it up and leave. QTE leave no room for error. Plenty of annoyingly cheap deaths through out as they leave pretty much no time to react to things, Especially when you are in the thick of battle. Very straight forward Point A to Point B map lay out, There's no room for exploration or anything. Not really much of a survival horror game any more.

Overall: 6/10
Despite all of it's many flaws and the fact that they have stripped a lot of features that made this series what it is, RE 6 is still a surprisingly enjoyable game. I have no issues picking it up and playing it for a good hour or more.