Welcome to the new disappointing direction of Resident Evil.

User Rating: 6.5 | Resident Evil 6 PS3
Well for all the old school hardcore RE fans like me, RE6 is a total letdown! But hey, its just what we have all become accustomed to since RE5 in most peoples opinons but since RE4 in mine. Now don't get me wrong, all of those games do have good gameplay elements that work great in other games, but this style of gameplay is not true to what RE is at its core!!

I remember when Resident Evil was a gem and that was a game that everyone was scared to play by theirself in the dark. When zombies and lickers and hunters and giant spiders and dogs jumping through the windows at you. This was the core of RE. You were scared to open each door not knowing what lay beyond it, and scared that if you died that you would have to start almost all the way over. The save points were limited as were the ammo and health items. This was RE! Not this Call of Duty direction the developers have taken with these latest entries!

Here in the present-time however, things just aren't the same. You now have unlimited amounts of ammo, plenty of health items to go around for the globe and you have a partner with you at ALL times. And whoever thinks that this game is scary is seriously kidding thereselves.

But I will quit ranting and talk about the game. RE6 is set in coastal China although there are some levels that have you playing in Europe and America. You get to choose if you would like to play as Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, Jake Mueller (Albert Wesker's son) or Ada Wong. All these characters have a partner that travels with them. The only one that isn't new to the RE series is Jake's partner, Sherry Birkin who made her RE debut in RE2 as William Birkins, (the demented scientist who became a mutated monster of the G-Virus) daughter.

This shoot-fest is fast paced and has lots of zombies, J'avo and other deadly baddies to throw at you. Like I said previously, this game plays more like a Call Of Duty game than a RE game, with limitless enemies, bullets, and green herbs and First-Aid Sprays to go around so you shouldnt have that hard of a time. Especially those of you who know how difficult the old school RE games used to be. The graphics are nice and the cutscenes show you some history of RE that older fans of the genre can appreciate.

All in all, this game is a solid shooter, but not so much a survival horror. Yeah the horror is slightly there, but the survival part you can throw out the window. I could go on and on about how badly I hate the direction of this new RE series, but I will save the time and energy and say that if you like shooters go for it, but if you were unhappy with RE5 or just want the old school RE's back, then leave this one on the shelves!